Prepare for Camp



IMPORTANT:  Mark all items and clothing with laundry marker, name tape or sew-on tags.  We are not responsible for lost items. Please send clothing that is suitable for standard washer and dryers and that are not highly valued.  Suggested quantity is in parentheses.

Sheets, pillowcases, towels and washcloths are NOT provided so you will need to send these items.


_____              Underwear & Bra's (8 & 3)                  _____              Shampoo (plastic bottle)
_____              Socks (10)                                           _____              Toothbrush & toothpaste
_____              T-shirts (8)                                           _____              Soap
_____              Shorts / Shirts (8)                                _____              Deodorant
_____              *Long Pants (1-2)                                _____              Backpack (optional)
_____              Water bottle (VERY IMPORTANT)      _____              Flavored water packets (if wanted)
_____              Sleeping Bag  (w/ stuff bag)                _____              Laundry Bag (cloth or nylon)
_____              Flashlight / Extra Batteries                  _____              Camera (optional)
_____              Swim Suit (2)                                      _____              Vision Aids
_____              Pajamas (2-3)                                     _____              Case for Glasses
_____              Tennis / Shoes (1-2 pair)                    _____              Insect Repellent
_____              Hat or Cap                                           _____              *Heeled Shoes / Boots
_____              Rain Coat / Poncho                             _____              All Prescribed Medications
_____              Sunscreen                                           _____              Laundry Bag (cloth or nylon)
_____              Pillow                                                   _____              Tennis shoes (2 pairs... 1 will get nasty)
_____              Tampons & Sanitary napkins (If needed)                                                                      


Camper will also need an outfit (don't forget undergarments), shoes as well, that could be thrown away after a night of CRAZY FUN!
(Please put this outfit in a bag labeled CRAZY FUN NIGHT)

Label all baggage items with camper’s name.  Please make sure camper has enough clothing for one full week plus one day extra. Unless attending the two week session then please plan accordingly.

This sheet should be set on top of clothes inside of the suitcase so that the counselor can check it when the camper arrives and when his/her suitcase is packed for him/her to go home.

* Required for Horseback Riding.

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